Seismic Sourсe Tester

Seismic Source Tester represents the programme-hardware-methodical complex which is meant to be an supervisor instrument for getting  fair presentation of seismic signal sources.

Many years of research work concentrated on it provide an opportunity to get a complete insight about the particular model of seismic signal source, its possibilities, special features and technical condition.

With its help you can define limiting emission characteristics that are reached by the particular source model under the conditions of the assigned profile and identify ongoing limiting factors. On this basis the recomendations on optimal emission parameters can be produced. They will be based on the already existing objective prerequisites and will guarantee required emission quality. If the emission quality reduces suddenly, the tool will give you an opportunity to determine whether it was caused by the change of surface profile conditions or it was a consequence of source technical condition decline.

Flexible multifunctional research instrument part is supplemented by the hard formalised part that provides the uniformity of control methods with presentation forms of the reporting documents. By these means the opportunity was given to interpret unequivocally and compare the test results received at different times and for different sources in an objective way.

You can download the test version from our web-site:

Download the test version of Seismic Source Tester (v.1.1.32)