ZAO «GSC» at the GeoEurasia: Conference and Exhibition – GECE 2018

NPC “Geoseiscontrol” specialists have told about upcoming trends in supervising work development and creation of domestic software for seismic activity maintenance.

March 01, 2018

At the International Geological and Geophysical Conference and Exhibition: «Modern technologies of the exploring and development of the subsoils of Eurasia» GeoEurasia-2018 (GeoEurasia: Conference and Exhibition (GECE 2018), which was held in Moscow on the 5th -8th of February, 2018, the specialists from ZAO NPC “Geoseiscontrol” showed the results of the main software for seismic activity maintenance development and shared the experience of Methodological and process control of field seismic exploration works onshore as well as offshore.

At the section “Seismic technologies” W. Zimmermann made a presentation “Quality control of vibroseis facilities while conducting 2D and 3D.” In this presentation W. Zimmermann provided a detailed account of work of program-methodical complex Seismic Source TESTER which helps to determine source emission quality characteristics in conditions of the set track and evaluate the impact of external factors on them. M. Polyanskiy gave a presentation on the topic “Purpose and efficiency of supervising conducted by ZAO NPC “Geoseiscontrol”. In this presentation M. Polyanskiy told the audience about 20 years of engineering, inspection and control for conducting field seismic exploration works experience of specialists of ZAO NPC “Geoseiscontrol”, emphasized current problems and issues of this area of geological and geophysical operations in modern conditions. A. Belousov showed a presentation on the topic “Possibilities of equipment characteristic analysis based on the SEGD-files data”. The report of A. Belousov dedicated to the quality control of data acquisition equipment during seismic operations based on the SEGD-files data has caused positive response of present specialists and it was proposed to introduce this analysis into Field Seismic Exploration Works Regulation.

Within the conference “GeoEurasia 2018” Round tables on different issues were organized. These issues include equipment, software, carrying out of field seismic exploration works. During the Round table “Development of software for the seismic exploration works” A. Belousov gave a presentation where he provided a detailed account of software developed by the specialists of ZAO NPC “Geoseiscontrol”: Pikeza, GSC SEGD Converter, GSC Sea, Seismic Source Tester, FNE. He also told the audience about the development trends of each software product. The report has aroused great interest of the audience. The Round table stated that ZAO NPC “Geoseiscontrol” successfully develops and implements domestic software on the seismic exploration works quality control that is of primary importance due to import substitution.

ZAO NPC “Geoseiscontrol” presented its software designs at the exhibition (exposition №25). Our specialist W. Bashkov showed the work of FNE software. A. Kasakov showed the work of Pikeza software and consulted other parties on the new software Pikeza build. A. Frolov presented the work of GSC SEGD Converter software and made a report on the topic “Possibilities of equipment characteristic analysis based on the SEGD-files data”.

ZAO NPC “Geoseiscontrol” specialists took an active part in the workshop “Control of 3D/2D data quality onshore and offshore” (RadExPro, ООО “Deko Geophysical”) and in other events.