Before starting field work and in the course of production work with vibroseismic sources it is often necessary to control the condition of vibroseis units.

Most questions arise because of :

-year of manufacture of the vibration source,

-the quality of service during production operation,

-the competence of the staff operating and working on vibration machines,

-failure to provide complete information in the reporting documents provided by the Contractors,

-In rare cases, the lack of understanding of technological maintenance and control measures of vibration installations.

-The above mentioned in one way or another affects the performance of vibroinstallations, the speed of production work and the quality of the field seismic data.

The program of vibroinstallations data processing in the SEG-D format was developed to analyze vibroinstallations operation and prevent their degradation.

The program was tested in the field from 2018 to 2019. Thanks to the use of the program, deviations were timely identified and eliminated

in the work of vibration units, thanks to this reduced the number of f.o.b. with deviations and rejects.

The program was developed with a view to an intuitive understanding of the work with the initial data.