Krylov I.B. book publication

We are ready to announce the I.B. Krylov monography «Comments on quality of the primary seismic matter and its estimation» published by the publishing house «Scientific technologies».

In the book the more than ten-year experience of the author is generalized. It concerns field seismic work execution and control. Different  quality criteria are analyzed and compared.  Signal distortions while the propagation from the source to the receiver are considered, influence of the incoherent noise on the data quality is estimated. Аssessment of the relationship signal/incoherent noise methods used in the field now are researched. Recommendations are issued in order to upgrade quality of field work execution and improvement in stuff quality.

The book is intended for geoscientists who is interested in the issues of receivng of the quality field seismic data.

Book size is 341 pages. A run of 350 copies.

If you want to purchase the book contact CJSC SPC «GeoSeisControl» via our contact form